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Turn the Page

Turn the Page

  • Details

    Instrumentation - Wind Ensemble

    Difficulty - Easy/Grade1-2

    Duration - ca. 4 minutes

  • Program Notes

    First and foremost, with immense gratitude, I would like to thank Shelly Rouse-Freitag, Jesse Sacks, Karl Stein, and West Bloomfield Middle School for the opportunity to compose this piece for the opening of the new school. As an alumnus, it is an honor to be able to create a dedicated piece for the place that started my education in music.

    Turn the Page celebrates the start of something new.

    Change is constantly happening all around us — in the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, in the development of the community around us, in the graduation from one milestone to the next — and, more importantly, within ourselves.

    As we grow older, the joy that comes with starting a new chapter can dwindle and fade and even come to a halt. We become stuck and lost, running in circles only to find ourselves right where we once were. This piece aims to remind us of the excitement of change and the limitless possibilities it brings.

    A school is a place that fosters creativity, education, self-discovery, and growth. In celebration of the grand opening of the new West Bloomfield Middle School, I wanted to compose a piece that illuminated the many joys of being in school — the excitement of starting a new year, the wonder of discovering something for the first time, the hope found in meeting new friends, and the comfort of holding onto those we already admire.

    Be it in a textbook or in our own lives, each moment in each day provides us with the privilege to turn the page to something greater than the last!

  • Performances

    • 2022.12.13  |  West Bloomfield Middle School Symphony Band, Christian Kolo, conductor  |  West Bloomfield High School, MI (Premier Performance)
(Performance by Michigan State University Wind Ensemble, Kevin Sedatole, Conductor)
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