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Postcard from Champ de Mars

Postcard from Champ de Mars



  • Details

    Instrumentation - Full Orchestra
    3.3.4 (bass cl.).2. - - timp; 5 perc; hp; pno (cel) - str

    Difficulty - Hard

    Duration - ca. 10 minutes

  • Program Notes

    Postcard from Champ de Mars is a love story.

    Champ de Mars is a large public greenspace located in the heart of Paris, France. The borders of the park are lined with a variety of trees and flowering shrubs. Scattered throughout the park are beautiful gardens where thousands of vibrant flowers varnish the landscape. The vast area is filled with wide walking paths crossing the lawn. Visitors come and enjoy picnics, music, and entertainment as they relax, surrounded by bliss.

    Postcard from Champ de Mars tells the story of a man falling asleep to the most wonderful dream. He finds himself in Paris, dazed and looking for an answer as to why he is there. He passes blank faces on the sidewalk, lost, until the woman he has always loved steps out of the comer shop. This piece follows the adventures he takes with her on a beautiful day in Paris. As the sun begins to set, they find themselves strolling through Champ de Mars. But as they all do, his dream comes to an end with the sound of church bells ringing through his window.

    Rising from his bed, the man realizes that dreams do not exist only through sleep, for everyday provides the opportunity to fall in love and dream with eyes wide open.

(Performance by Michigan State University Wind Ensemble, Kevin Sedatole, Conductor)
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