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adventure awaits

as i grew older


carousel march

days of winter


elegy for string quartet

fanfare to an adventure

finger painting

moving string quartet no. 1

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and orchestra

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and piano

postcard from champ de mars


shenandoah our home

sonatina for solo piano

teton range

the ant bully

the big catch

the birds

the chase

the crane

the river runs silver

the sea foam

the toy shoppe

time gone by

to the stars

turn the page



where we belong

adventure awaits

adventure awaits

brass choir

4' | hard difficulty

Adventure Awaits explores a world of endless possibilities. This piece tells the tales of daring exploration and treasure yet to be discovered.

Growing up, I have always loved adventure stories. Great stories teleport you to exotic places beyond imagination, as they await arrival from those who truly believe in their mystery. These untold wonders of the world are wrapped in a fantasy of swashbuckling pirates, gargantuan ships, temples of doom, and maps leading to unseen treasure.

An explorer’s heart is true and their vision boundless. They journey to bold new frontiers, facing any obstacle with bravery, honor, and courage. Tales of adventure keep dreamers young at heart and always searching.  

The excitement that adventure provides is limitless. And so we journey on, knowing Adventure Awaits!  



orchestra  | - - timp; 3 perc; hp; pno (cel) - str

6' | hard difficulty

Burst explores the millions of explosions that happen every day around us. Whether a burst of excitement or passion, ideas bursting into fruition, fire bursting through destruction, or atoms once they collide, the constant transfer of energy is frightening and mesmerizing all at the same time. Showers of light blind our eyes, yet we resist the temptation to shut them.

In this piece, a great deal of inspiration is derived from the compositional minds of Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler. As the themes and motifs rapidly present themselves, the listener is taken on a journey through mighty eruptions and flares of fervor. Later, the listener discovers beauty and hope as the majestic “sun theme” truly blossoms for the first time. This work can be divided into two sections, the chaotic destruction and the glorious awakening. The overarching structure can also be simplified into two chords (A: v-I), minor five (e minor) to Major one (A Major). 


To me, this chord change represents a “new hope”, something that enlightens the way we experience everyday moments, turning them into an extraordinary Burst of life.

carousel march

carousel march

orchestra  | - - timp; 3 perc; hp; pno (cel) - str

6' | hard difficulty

I was granted the honor to write this march for the Michigan State Campus Band after winning the 2016 Michigan State Large Ensemble Competition.

Carousel March is a lighthearted piece that incorporates many elements of the classic march style. While following the form of John Philip Sousa, Carousel March depicts the festivities at a circus or fair. The various sections within the piece highlight the different activities and events occurring as people walk through the grounds, participating in the entertainment.

I wanted to compose a carousel styled march because my Grandma loved carousels. I remember during the holiday seasons we would decorate the house with animatronic characters and ornaments, many of which were carousels or carousel horses. I also recall the life-size wooden horse that my Grandma had in the room next to the kitchen. As a child, I remember looking at the wooden horse and being amazed that she had an actual carousel horse in her house. This march illustrates the fun and excitement that carousels, fairs, and carnivals provide. It also illustrates my Grandma's love for the magic of carousels and the love and care she gave to me while growing up.


instrumentation | string quartet

10' | hard difficulty

Elegy is a musical poem written about a past relationship that fell to pieces. Only through realization of the bitter end, was this piece born.​

This dramatic and solemn piece is romantic in feeling, but devastating at its heart. Pain, anger, and sadness are emotions heard throughout the piece, but they are not the main focus. The emptiness I felt after the relationship could not be filled and still has yet to be repaired. This piece is my healing process. Through the notes and melodies I try to make sense of it all.

I wish this piece told me the correct answer. I continue to reflect on the relationship, but as each day passes I forget the pain and become more whole.

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