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concert music

adventure awaits

as i grew older


carousel march

days of winter


elegy for string quartet

fanfare to an adventure

finger painting

moving string quartet no. 1

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and orchestra

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and piano

postcard from champ de mars


shenandoah, our home

sonatina for solo piano

teton range

the ant bully

the big catch

the birds

the chase

the crane

the river runs silver

the sea foam

the toy shoppe

time gone by

to the stars

turn the page



where we belong

Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin, Cello, Percussion, and Piano

ca. 8 minutes

The Chase is a piece written to provoke the deeper feelings and thoughts within an intense action scene. The music presents both scary and unsettling themes which are present not only in the real world, but also within the person’s mind. There are three sections within The Chase, each flowing and pulsing into the other: With Aggression, With Fear, and With Anger. The first section, With Aggression, is the evil looming over a person, targeting their every move, preventing any escape. With Fear provides an ominous yet intriguing melody, taunting the victim and playing with their emotions. With Anger is the final section within The Chase. It is the ultimate fight in which, eventually, all are forced to face; the battle of good versus evil.


This piece takes the audience through a thrilling, captivating, and daunting journey. Proving that no one can escape The Chase.

the chase

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