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days of winter


elegy for string quartet

fanfare to an adventure

finger painting

moving string quartet no. 1

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and orchestra

oceans heart fantasy for two flutes and piano

postcard from champ de mars


shenandoah, our home

sonatina for solo piano

teton range

the ant bully

the big catch

the birds

the chase

the crane

the river runs silver

the sea foam

the toy shoppe

time gone by

to the stars

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where we belong

Orchestra  | - - timp; 4 perc; hp; pno (cel) - str

ca. 6 minutes

This piece’s inspiration comes from all of the different experiences I have enjoyed throughout my childhood. Running in the snow, building snowmen, sledding, driving to the big city during holiday season, shopping in the crowded stores, and spending time with my family are all wonderful memories that I cherish.

Days of Winter is a scenic and adventurous piece. It depicts the settings, moods, tones, and emotions of many events which a person experiences during the winter season.

As the day begins, the first snowflake falls upon the windowsill awakening a young child, reminding him that a special time has now arrived (measure 6). Full of excitement, the boy is anxious to go outside and see the snow fall, but he first must sneak past his parents (measure 16). Though he faces many obstacles, he is able to maneuver though the house, down the stairs, past his parents, and to the front door. As he opens the door, a glistening blanket of white lies in front of him (measure 88). He grabs his coat and dashes out the door to explore the beauty and magic which the winter season offers. Snowball fights, sledding, snow angels, and building snowmen are suddenly interrupted by his parents’ call. They surprise him with a drive to the big city (measure 126). As they drive down the busy road, the boy peers out of his window to see the hustle and bustle of the holiday season; a police man directing traffic and a choir caroling on the sidewalk. Most importantly, they drive past a tree lighting ceremony in the center of the city (measure 151). The ceremony reminds the child how the winter season is able to fill lives with joy, why it creates such magic, and why the holiday season is so special. Finally returning home, the boy is filled with a warmth in his heart. As his mom tucks him into bed he exclaims, “I can’t wait for more Days of Winter to come ahead!”

days of winter

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