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carousel march

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postcard from champ de mars


shenandoah, our home

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the ant bully

the big catch

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where we belong

Wind Ensemble

Winner of the 2016 Michigan State Large Ensemble Competition

ca. 4 minutes

I was granted the honor to write this march for the Michigan State Campus Band after winning the 2016 Michigan State Large Ensemble Competition.

Carousel March is a lighthearted piece that incorporates many elements of the classic march style. While following the form of John Philip Sousa, Carousel March depicts the festivities at a circus or fair. The various sections within the piece highlight the different activities and events occurring as people walk through the grounds, participating in the entertainment.

I wanted to compose a carousel styled march because my Grandma loved carousels. I remember during the holiday seasons we would decorate the house with animatronic characters and ornaments, many of which were carousels or carousel horses. I also recall the life-size wooden horse that my Grandma had in the room next to the kitchen. As a child, I remember looking at the wooden horse and being amazed that she had an actual carousel horse in her house. This march illustrates the fun and excitement that carousels, fairs, and carnivals provide. It also illustrates my Grandma's love for the magic of carousels and the love and care she gave to me while growing up.

carousel march

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