Ocean's Heart

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Two Flutes and Piano

Duration ca. 12 minutes

Program Notes

Ocean’s Heart, Fantasia for two Flutes and Orchestra was conceived from one of my favorite personal experiences. As a little kid, I always wanted to go swimming with dolphins, but it was not until a past summer in which that became a reality. The experience was one of the happiest and most exciting moments of my life. The playfulness of the animals filled me with so much joy and made me feel just like a kid again.

This fantasia uses three primary themes, one for the ocean and two which represent various beings in the sea. The piece embodies somewhat of a theme and variation style where the two creature themes are taken and manipulated through different textures. These different textures depict a multitude of animals within their different habitats throughout the deep blue waters.

This piece is a view of the many beautiful, mystical, wise, and playful creatures who inhabit the seas, for these creatures are the pulse of the Ocean’s Heart.

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